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Relationship Tips Sustains Healthy Marriage

Relationships are characterized with a lot of conflicts that lead to misunderstanding and to some extent break ups. Conflict in itself is common in any relationship and can be healthy only if it can be managed wisely. There is a need to know how to cope with conflicts and minimize the negative effects of conflicts by use of the relationship tips that lead to healthy marriage. more…

How To Find Love and Keep It

Finding love sometimes is not as easy as it sounds. There are many people out there who are lonely and wishing they had a clue on how to get someone to love and share the rest of their lives with. For those who have found love, they will tell you that love found them when they were busy with their everyday lives. To start with, you need to stop looking for love so hard. When you are doing this, you look desperate and no one wants a desperate person in their lives. Focus on other areas of your life.  more…

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